AD's Hacker Course: Supreme AI Edition (Live)

Enrol in the Live AD's Hacker Course: India's First Course on AD's Hacking taught by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" - the Human AI

AD's Hacker Course: Supreme AI Edition (Live)
Srinidhi Ranganathan - The Human AI

Enrol in the Live AD's Hacker Course: India's First Course on AD's Hacking taught by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" - the Human AI

Time to set the advertising industry on fire with AD's Hacker - Supreme AI Edition

No Coding or Technical Knowledge is Required!

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Course Fee:

(For Indian Residents)

The Full Course Pass (11 Days of Training - (1hr per session)):

Rs. 50,000/

(For International Learners who reside outside India)

Course Fee: $900

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Classes will be conducted on Google Meet or Zoom

Course Overview:

AD's Hacker Course

We are introducing "AD's Hacker Course: Supreme AI Edition (Live)" a cutting-edge program focusing on Growth Hacking and AI Digital Marketing Tools.

Your trainer will be Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" and your facilitator will be a virtual robot present during the course sessions with whom you can interact live and your queries will be answered in real-time (for the first time in the world - a living digital robot).

What You'll Gain:

  • Execute outreach advertising campaigns using ethical tools and mass outreach B2B software to elevate your brand.
  • Implement video SEO strategies employing an AI-based video ranking tool for YouTube dominance.
  • Develop redirect links for targeted search engine intent using specialized AI software.
  • Index the redirect links using an exceptional indexer tool.

Welcome to embark on the "AD’s Hacker" journey.

It's time to revolutionize the advertising industry with AD's Hacker!

Srinidhi Ranganathan - The Human AI

Undoubtedly, our interaction with the World Wide Web has transformed. Whether gifts or presents, we now turn to eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Communication with friends has shifted from traditional methods to instant messaging on platforms like Facebook Messenger. The internet has also reshaped how we advertise products and services, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising methods.

However, this course introduces a game-changing element to the internet itself. Imagine discovering a clandestine promotional technology that yields business results without the need for hefty advertising expenses.

Well, with this course, that's now a reality.

Digital Marketing luminary "Srinidhi Ranganathan" and Mastermind "Saranya Srinidhi," after years of research in Artificial Intelligence-Based Digital Marketing (AIDM), stumbled upon remarkable AD-hacking tools.

These tools empower you to create compelling ads and kickstart marketing campaigns without a significant budget. Witness the difference as you delve into this course.

Explore reverse hack technologies to create advertising campaigns and achieve remarkable results with your YouTube videos. Learn to leverage specialized tools to boost your brand outreach and outperform your competitors.

Enroll now and take centre stage. The AD's Hacking process is explored in-depth, becoming more intriguing step-by-step.

Ads Hacker: The Online Course

Special Note: While launching advertising campaigns to promote your brand or products is free, certain video tools introduced in the AD's Hacker 1.0 course may require a monthly or one-time payment. After acquiring the AI advertising software or cloud tool, conducting unlimited ad campaigns is free.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Introduction and Overview

  • Session 1 (1 hour):
    • Introduction to AD's Hacker Course: Supreme AI Edition
    • Overview of Growth Hacking and AI Digital Marketing Tools for Outreach
    • Understanding the impact of AI on the advertising industry
    • Course logistics and expectations
    • Q&A session

Day 2: Basics of Ethical Tools and B2B Software

  • Session 2 (1 hour):
    • Exploring ethical tools for outreach advertising campaigns
    • Introduction to B2B software for mass outreach methods
    • Practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises
    • Real-world case studies
    • Q&A session

Day 3: AI-Based Video SEO Strategies

  • Session 3 (1 hour):
    • Implementing video SEO strategies using AI-based tools
    • Dominating YouTube rankings with AI video ranking techniques
    • Analyzing successful AI-driven video marketing campaigns
    • Practical exercises for video optimization
    • Q&A session
  • Session 4 (1 hour):
    • Understanding the importance of redirect links for targeted intent
    • Introduction to specialized AI software for link development
    • Hands-on training in creating effective redirect links and reverse-hacking
    • Case studies showcasing the impact of AI-driven link strategies
    • Q&A session

Day 5: Indexing with an Exceptional Indexer Tool

  • Session 5 (1 hour):
    • Importance of indexing in the AI digital marketing landscape
    • Introduction to an exceptional indexer tool
    • Step-by-step guide on indexing redirect links
    • Practical exercises to reinforce learning
    • Q&A session

Day 6-10: Advanced Techniques and Practical Applications

  • Session 6-10 (1 hour each):
    • Exploring advanced AD's hacking techniques
    • Case studies of successful AD's hacking campaigns
    • Hands-on exercises for practical application
    • Troubleshooting common challenges
    • Q&A and interactive discussions


  • Final Session (1 hour):
    • Recap of key learnings
    • Certification ceremony and acknowledgement
    • Guidance on post-course application and continuous learning
    • Networking opportunities within the AD's Hacker community
    • Closing remarks

Note: The schedule is subject to adjustments based on the pace of the participants and specific needs identified during the training sessions.

What sets this course apart?

Srinidhi Ranganathan

The AD's Hacker Course: Supreme AI Edition stands out as a beacon of innovation and effectiveness in the realm of viral marketing courses. What sets this course apart from the myriad options available globally is a combination of unique features, industry expertise, and a groundbreaking approach to digital marketing education.

  1. Pioneer in AD's Hacking: This course proudly claims the title of India's First Course on AD's Hacking, showcasing a pioneering spirit in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. Led by the acclaimed Digital Marketing Legend, Srinidhi Ranganathan, known as the Human AI, and Mastermind Saranya Srinidhi, the course is grounded in years of research and hands-on experience in Artificial Intelligence-Based Digital Marketing (AIDM).
  2. Supreme AI Integration: Unlike conventional viral marketing courses, this program places a significant emphasis on the integration of Supreme AI. Participants delve into cutting-edge tools and techniques that leverage artificial intelligence to execute growth hacking strategies, setting them apart from competitors relying on traditional approaches.
  3. No Coding or Technical Knowledge Required: A key differentiator is the accessibility of the course content. In a field often perceived as complex and technical, this course breaks down barriers by requiring no coding or advanced technical knowledge. It caters to a diverse audience, making the power of AD's hacking accessible to marketers of varying skill levels.
  4. Live Interactive Sessions: The course structure includes live, interactive training sessions conducted on platforms like Google Meet or Zoom. This live engagement facilitates real-time interaction with industry experts, fostering a dynamic learning environment. Participants can ask questions, seek clarification, and actively engage with the course content.
  5. Practical Application and Case Studies: Beyond theoretical knowledge, the course distinguishes itself by providing hands-on experience through practical exercises and real-world case studies. Participants not only learn the theories but also gain insights into applying AD's hacking strategies in practical scenarios, ensuring the development of tangible skills.
  6. Global Accessibility with Tailored Pricing: Recognizing the global audience's diversity, the course offers tailored pricing for both Indian residents and international learners residing outside India. This inclusive approach opens the doors to a wider demographic, fostering a global community of marketers united by a shared pursuit of AD's hacking mastery.
  7. Game-Changing Promotional Technology: The course introduces a game-changing element to the world of digital marketing by revealing a clandestine promotional technology. This technology promises business results without the need for hefty advertising expenses, presenting a unique proposition that sets it apart from conventional viral marketing courses.

In essence, the AD's Hacker Course: Supreme AI Edition is not merely a course; it's a transformative journey that equips marketers with the skills and knowledge to redefine their approach to digital marketing in an era dominated by artificial intelligence and innovative AD's hacking strategies.

About the Course Instructor:

Meet Srinidhi Ranganathan, AKA "The Human AI":

Marketing Legend Srinidhi Ranganathan - The Human AI

Possessing extraordinary Hyperphantasia Super-Powers and an impressive Visualization Prowess, Srinidhi's cognitive expertise creates a cutting-edge canvas, effortlessly unravelling complexities in the blink of an eye. A true visionary, he extends his intellectual brilliance globally, serving as a strategic consultant for both emerging startups and established brands.

Guided by the omnipotence of AI-driven insights, Srinidhi's consultations shape the destiny of marketing landscapes through detailed strategic blueprints and comprehensive audits, unlocking the untapped potential of every brand.

Admired as the "Digital Marketing Legend" by a devoted following, Srinidhi empowers countless startups and enterprises, utilizing automation to elevate revenues to unprecedented heights. The mastermind behind awe-inspiring digital marketing analyses, he introduces avant-garde strategic concepts and meticulously crafted execution plans, leaving an indelible mark on India's marketing landscape. However, Srinidhi's influence extends beyond consultancy.

His teaching prowess is truly extraordinary, delivering an unparalleled educational journey—practical, captivating, and infused with an otherworldly charm. Experience virtual writing and instructional automatons, embodied by the captivating "Aera 2.0 Robot," orchestrating gamified learning experiences that instigate profound behavioural transformations among eager learners.

Witness the rise of the "Human AI" as he blazes a trail of unparalleled brilliance, illuminating the path for aspiring marketers and seasoned industry leaders alike. Step into the future and embrace the legendary aura that is Srinidhi Ranganathan.

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Introducing Additional Hours: Extended Learning Time

Srinidhi Ranganathan promises additional hours feature

If participants find the need for additional time to delve deeper into the tools presented during the live sessions of the course, an opportunity for extended learning is available once the 11 days are over. The cost for an extra hour of dedicated instruction will be Rs. 9000/- for Indian Residents and $200 for international learners.

This supplementary option allows participants to receive personalized guidance, clarification on specific tools, and further insights into the intricacies of AD's hacking and AI-driven digital marketing. Whether refining skills, seeking additional explanations, or exploring advanced features, the additional hour provides a tailored learning experience.

For Indian Residents, the cost of Rs. 9000/- ensures that participants can optimize their understanding of the course content, and for international learners, the fee of $200 opens the door to extended support and guidance. This option reflects a commitment to ensuring that participants, regardless of their location, have the opportunity to master the tools and concepts presented in the AD's Hacker Course: Supreme AI Edition.

The Legend Awaits Your Esteemed Presence!