Brand Dynamo: India's First Next-Level Personal Branding Course Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Catapult your brand to New Heights of Success, never imagined! Taught by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" (Known as the Human AI) and his expert teammates.

Brand Dynamo: India's First Next-Level Personal Branding Course Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Catapult your brand to New Heights of Success, never imagined!

A Live Online World-Changing Course Taught by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" (Known as the Human AI) and his expert teammates.

No Coding or Technical Knowledge is Required!

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Course Fee:

(For Indian Residents)

Full Course Pass (15 Days of Training - (1hr per session)) - Rs. 39,000/

(For International Learners who reside outside India)

Course Fee: $700

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Full Course Duration is 15 Sessions

(Happening on Monday-Friday at 9 pm - 10 pm IST)

Course Duration: 15 Sessions (Happening on Monday-Friday at 9 pm - 10 pm)

Online Batch Time 9 PM - 10 PM IST.

Classes will be conducted on Google Meet or Zoom

Meet your Robot and Human Trainers

Your trainer will be Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" and your facilitator will be a virtual robot present during the course sessions with whom you can interact live and your queries will be answered in real-time (for the first time in the world - a living digital robot).

Course Overview:

Brand Dynamo is a cutting-edge personal branding course designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to elevate their brand using the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and futuristic technologies.

The course spans three levels, each consisting of five sessions, for a total duration of 15 sessions, with each session lasting 1 hour.

In addition to its fusion of personal branding and cutting-edge AI technologies, Brand Dynamo sets itself apart through its collaboration with digital marketing luminary Srinidhi Ranganathan, also known as "The Human AI."

As a renowned Digital Marketing Legend, Srinidhi brings a wealth of expertise and an unparalleled understanding of AI to the course, providing participants with insights and guidance from a true industry leader.

Brand Dynamo - The Course

Course Portions:

Level 1: Foundations of Personal Branding (Days 1-5)

Session 1: Introduction to Personal Branding in the Digital Age

  • Understanding the significance of personal branding
  • Exploring the evolution of personal branding in the digital era

Session 2: Crafting Your Brand Story

  • Identifying and defining personal brand elements
  • Storytelling techniques for effective brand communication

Session 3: Building an Online Presence

  • Creating a compelling online presence using state-of-the-art AI Technology Tools
  • Utilizing social media platforms strategically with the power of AI agents to build your personal brand

Session 4: Leveraging Content Marketing for Personal Branding

  • Content creation strategies powered by Artificial Intelligence for personal brand growth
  • Introduction to AI-powered content marketing tools

Session 5: Personal Branding Analytics

  • Introduction to analytics tools for tracking personal brand performance
  • Data-driven decision-making for brand enhancement

Level 2: Advanced Branding Strategies (Days 6-10)

Session 6: Advanced Social Media Branding

  • Deep dive into advanced social media strategies
  • Harnessing the power of AI in social media management

Session 7: Personal Branding Across Platforms

  • Strategies for consistent brand messaging across various platforms
  • Integration of AI tools for cross-platform optimization

Session 8: Futuristic Technologies in Personal Branding

  • Introduction to emerging technologies in personal branding
  • Case studies of successful brand integration with futuristic tech

Session 9: Interactive Branding Workshops

  • Hands-on workshop applying advanced personal branding strategies that will skyrocket brand growth
  • Real-time feedback and improvement techniques

Session 10: AI-Powered Personal Branding Tools

  • Overview of AI tools for personal brand enhancement
  • Customizing AI tools to the next level for individual branding needs

Level 3: Mastery, Innovation and Virality (Days 11-15)

Session 11: Innovations in Personal Branding

  • Exploring innovative trends in personal branding
  • Identifying opportunities for personal brand innovation

Session 12: Global Branding and Cultural Intelligence

  • Expanding personal brand reach globally
  • Adapting personal branding strategies for different cultures

Session 13: More Personal Branding Case Studies

  • Analysis of successful personal branding AI case studies
  • Drawing insights for individual brand refinement

Session 14: AI Integration for Future Growth and Virality

  • Forecasting the role of AI in the future of personal branding
  • Virality Strategies for continual adaptation to technological advancements

Session 15: Capstone Project and Certification

  • Integrating learned concepts into a capstone project
  • Doubts Clearing Session and celebration ceremony for successful completion of Brand Dynamo

What sets this course apart from the other brand-building courses on the planet?

Brand Dynamo Course Learners

Brand Dynamo stands out as a pioneer in the realm of brand-building courses due to its unique fusion of advanced personal branding strategies with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Unlike conventional brand-building courses, Brand Dynamo goes beyond traditional approaches, offering a comprehensive exploration of how AI can be harnessed to amplify and refine an individual's personal brand. This distinctive feature ensures that participants are not only equipped with fundamental branding principles but are also at the forefront of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.

The course's three-tiered structure, spanning 15 sessions, provides an in-depth and progressive learning experience. It strategically divides the curriculum into foundational, advanced, and mastery levels, allowing participants to build a strong base before delving into futuristic technologies and innovative strategies.

This structured approach ensures that learners not only grasp the essentials of personal branding but also master advanced techniques and stay ahead of the curve with insights into emerging trends and technologies.

Brand Dynamo's emphasis on practical application taught by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" (Known as The Human AI) sets it apart as a hands-on, immersive learning experience. Through interactive workshops, real-time feedback sessions, and a capstone project, participants actively apply theoretical knowledge to their own personal brand, fostering a deeper understanding and skill development. The incorporation of case studies and global perspectives further enriches the learning journey, offering a holistic view of successful personal branding across diverse cultural and industry contexts.

Furthermore, Brand Dynamo's commitment to continuous adaptation and future-oriented thinking distinguishes it as a course designed for long-term success. By dedicating sessions to exploring the future of AI in personal branding and encouraging innovation, the course prepares participants not just for the present but equips them with the foresight to navigate and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

This forward-thinking approach positions Brand Dynamo as a trailblazer among brand-building courses, empowering individuals to not only establish a personal brand but to sustain and elevate it in the years to come.

Course Benefits and Other Add-ons:

Throughout the online course, participants will have the opportunity to work on hands-on practical assignments/projects, go through case studies, participate in interactive activities and complete assignments to apply the concepts they have learned.

In addition, they will have access to the list of the latest brand-building tools and technologies with a touch of AI and automation to enhance their learning experience.

Participants can avail of any number of add-ons and specializations of more high-end technologies after completing the main course Brand Dynamo Course.

More Add-on Certifications and additional Specialized Courses

(Duration 3 Days Per Add-on)

1. Quantum Branding: Navigating the Quantum Realm of Personal Branding
Explore the cutting edge of personal branding with quantum technologies. Understand the implications of quantum computing on super-computers in shaping and securing personal brand narratives. Dive into the quantum realm to discover how it can revolutionize data analytics for unparalleled insights.

Price: (Rs. 15,000/-) for Indian Residents and $400 for International Residents

2. Virtual Reality Branding Experience
Step into the future of personal branding by immersing yourself in a virtual reality environment. Learn to create immersive brand experiences, host virtual events, and engage with your audience in ways never imagined. Uncover the potential of VR storytelling and its impact on personal brand engagement.

Price: (Rs. 15,000/-) for Indian Residents and $400 for International Residents

3. Augmented Intelligence for Personalized Branding
Delve into the world of augmented intelligence to enhance your personal branding strategy. Learn how AI can be seamlessly integrated with human intelligence for hyper-personalized brand experiences. Understand the ethical considerations and best practices for leveraging augmented intelligence in personal branding.

Price: (Rs. 15,000/-) for Indian Residents and $400 for International Residents

4. Neurobranding: Decoding the Brain for Unconscious Brand Connections
Uncover the secrets of neuro branding and explore how brain science can influence personal brand perception. Dive into the psychology of consumer behaviour and learn to create subconscious brand connections. Understand the ethical use of neuroscience in crafting compelling personal brand narratives.

Price: (Rs. 15,000/-) for Indian Residents and $400 for International Residents

5. Holographic Presence: Be Everywhere at Once (Days 28-30)
Master the art of holographic branding to extend your brand presence beyond the physical and digital realms. Learn to create holographic representations for virtual meetings, events, and more. Explore the possibilities of holographic storytelling and its impact on audience engagement.

Price: (Rs. 15,000/-) for Indian Residents and $400 for International Residents

6. Biohacking for Optimal Personal Performance (Days 31-33)
Enhance your personal brand by optimizing your physical and mental well-being through biohacking. Explore advanced techniques to improve focus, creativity, and overall performance. Learn how personalized biohacking can positively impact your personal brand narrative.

Price: (Rs. 15,000/-) for Indian Residents and $400 for International Residents

7. Blockchain for Transparent Personal Branding (Days 34-36)
Demystify blockchain technology and its applications in personal branding. Discover how blockchain can ensure transparency, authenticity, and security in personal brand transactions. Learn to leverage blockchain for decentralized identity management and protect your brand integrity.

Price: (Rs. 15,000/-) for Indian Residents and $400 for International Residents

8. Space Age Branding: Personal Branding Beyond Earth (Days 37-39)
Embark on an interstellar journey to explore the possibilities of personal branding beyond Earth. Understand the dynamics of space-age branding and its impact on a global, extraterrestrial audience. Craft a personal brand narrative that transcends geographical boundaries and reaches the stars.

Price: (Rs. 15,000/-) for Indian Residents and $400 for International Residents

Note: Each add-on is a 3-day intensive workshop, priced at Rs. 15,000/-, providing participants with an opportunity to specialize in cutting-edge technologies beyond the core Brand Dynamo course.

About the Course Trainer - Srinidhi Ranganathan

In the futuristic domain of digital marketing, Srinidhi Ranganathan stands out as a preeminent figure—an adept Digital Marketing Consultant, Technologist, AI Digital Marketing/Prompt Engineering Trainer, Author, and Video Creation Specialist. With an exceptional mastery of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (AIDM) spanning over 12+ years, he serves as an unparalleled virtuoso, reshaping the marketing landscape in India and beyond.

The moniker "Human AI" befits him perfectly. Srinidhi boasts an IQ level that surpasses comprehension—an astonishing 365 propelling him into a league of his own. His mind, akin to a celestial AI algorithm, exhibits super-extreme creative thinking and consulting skills, effortlessly conjuring myriad solutions with infinite permutations and combinations for any given challenge.

Srinidhi Ranganathan - the Human AI

Armed with Hyperphantasia Super-Powers and Brilliant Visualization Capabilities, Srinidhi's mental acumen creates an innovative canvas, efficiently solving problems within mere minutes. A true visionary, he extends his brilliance globally, serving as a strategic consultant to startups and established brands. Fueled by AI-powered insights, his consultations forge marketing destinies through strategic planning and comprehensive marketing audits, unlocking a brand's true potential.

Distinguished as the "Digital Marketing Legend" by a devoted fanbase, Srinidhi empowers countless startups and companies, leveraging the might of automation to drive revenues to unprecedented levels. The architect of awe-inspiring digital marketing analyses, he instils state-of-the-art strategy ideas and tactical execution plans, leaving an indelible mark on India's marketing industry.

Yet, Srinidhi's influence extends beyond consultancy. His teaching prowess is extraordinary, offering an unparalleled experience—practical, engaging, and infused with an otherworldly fascination. Witness virtual writing and teaching robots, such as the mesmerizing "Aera 2.0 Robot," crafting gamified learning experiences that prompt transformative behavioural changes among students.

Behold the ascent of the "Human AI" as he blazes a trail of brilliance, illuminating the path for aspiring marketers and industry leaders alike. Step into the future and embrace the legend that is Srinidhi Ranganathan.

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Srinidhi Ranganathan