RoboAuthor: India's First AI Content Writing Automation, SEO and Marketing Course: Super-Storm Edition

Enroll in RoboAuthor: India's First AI Content Writing Automation, SEO and Marketing Course: Super-Storm Edition

RoboAuthor: India's First AI Content Writing Automation, SEO and Marketing Course: Super-Storm Edition
RoboAuthor: India's First AI Content Writing Automation and Marketing Course

The Super-Storm New-Age Content Writing and Marketing course the universe is waiting for!

A Live Online World-Changing Course Taught by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" (Known as the Human AI) and his expert teammates.

Srinidhi Ranganathan - Digital Marketing Legend (The Human AI)

No Coding or Technical Knowledge is Required!

If you can work on basic writing and know a little bit of grammar it is more than enough!

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Course Fee:

(For Indian Residents) Pick any one pass:

Entry Pass - Rs. 299/- for the first lesson (1 Hr of Training)

Upto Level One Portions Pass (5 Days of Training) - Rs. 9999/-

The Full Course Pass (15 Days of Training - (1hr per session)) - Rs. 30,000/

(For International Learners who reside outside India)

Course Fee: $600

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The Full Course Duration is 15 Sessions

(Happening on Monday-Friday at 10.30 pm - 11.30 pm IST)

Course Duration: 15 Sessions (Happening on Monday-Friday at 10.30 pm - 11.30 pm IST)

Online Batch Time 10.30 pm - 11.30 pm IST

Classes will be conducted on Google Meet or Zoom

Course Overview:

The RoboAuthor course spans three levels, each consisting of five sessions, for a total duration of 15 sessions, with each session lasting 1 hour.

The RoboAuthor course is a revolutionary AI Content Writing Automation and Marketing program designed to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge required for the future of content creation.

Taught by "Digital Marketing Legend Srinidhi Ranganathan", also known as the Human AI, this Super-Storm Edition promises to be a world-changing experience. The course is suitable for individuals with basic writing skills and a foundational understanding of grammar, with no coding or technical knowledge required.

Course Portions:

Level One: Foundation of RoboAuthor (Sessions 1-5)

  • Introduction to RoboAuthor and the World's Most Secretive AI Content Writing Technologies and Tools
  • Ideation Plus Understanding the Landscape of Content Marketing in the AI Era
  • Basic Writing Techniques and Grammar Essentials for AI Content
  • Exploring AI Tools for Content Automation - Practical Insights
  • Crafting Compelling Content with RoboAuthor - Hands-On Session

Level Two: Advanced Content Marketing Strategies (Sessions 6-10)

  • Navigating the World of SEO and AI: Optimizing Content for Search Engines.
  • Social Media and AI Integration: Crafting Shareable Content
  • Email Marketing in the AI Age: Automation and Personalization
  • Analyzing Data and Performance Metrics for AI-Driven Content
  • Case Studies and Industry Insights: Successful AI Content Marketing Campaigns that emerged successful

Level Three: Mastering RoboAuthor (Sessions 11-15)

  • Advanced Features, AI Contnet Humanizing Tools, AI Watermark Removal from AI Tools and Recent Updates in RoboAuthor Portions
  • Customizing AI-Generated Content for Brand Identity
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations in AI Content Writing
  • Future Trends and Innovative Software and Apps in AI Content Marketing: Staying Ahead
  • Doubts Clearing Session, Capstone Project and Certification

What sets this RoboAuthor course apart from the other brand-building courses on the planet?

  1. AI-Driven Content Revolution:
    Unlike traditional brand-building courses, RoboAuthor harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize content creation. Led by digital marketing legend Srinidhi Ranganathan, also known as Human AI, this course brings cutting-edge technology to the forefront, enabling participants to stay ahead in the dynamic world of digital marketing.
  2. No Coding or Technical Expertise Required:
    This course stands out by being inclusive and accessible to a wide audience. You don't need to be a tech guru or have coding skills to excel. As long as you possess basic writing skills and a fundamental understanding of grammar, you can dive into the transformative world of AI content creation.
  3. Live Training with a Legend:
    Srinidhi Ranganathan, renowned as the Human AI, personally guides participants through each session. His expertise in digital marketing and AI content creation ensures a unique learning experience. The live online classes provide an opportunity for direct interaction, allowing participants to benefit from real-time insights and personalized guidance.
  4. Practical Hands-On Approach:
    RoboAuthor goes beyond theory by incorporating practical, hands-on sessions. Participants get to explore AI tools for content automation, craft content with RoboAuthor, and engage in real-world scenarios. This practical approach equips learners with actionable skills and tools that can be immediately applied in their content marketing efforts.
  5. Super-Storm Edition - World-Changing Content Marketing:
    This Super-Storm Edition isn't just a course; it's a world-changing event in content marketing. The curriculum is carefully designed to cover foundational concepts, advanced strategies, and mastery of RoboAuthor. The course culminates in a capstone project, cementing the knowledge gained throughout the program.
  6. Global Reach with Tailored International Pricing:
    Recognizing the global interest in AI content marketing, the course offers tailored pricing for international learners. Whether you're in India or anywhere else in the world, this course is designed to be accessible, breaking down geographical barriers.
  7. Focused Schedule for Busy Professionals:
    The course schedule, Monday-Friday at 10.30 pm - 11.30 pm IST, is crafted to accommodate busy professionals and learners worldwide. This focused timetable ensures that participants can seamlessly integrate the course into their daily lives.
  8. Continuous Updates and Future-Forward Content:
    As the digital landscape evolves, so does RoboAuthor. The course includes sessions on advanced features and updates in RoboAuthor, ensuring participants are equipped with the latest tools and techniques. It delves into future trends, preparing learners to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of content marketing.
Srinidhi Ranganathan - The Human AI

In essence, "RoboAuthor: India's First AI Content Writing Automation and Marketing Course - Super-Storm Edition" isn't just a course; it's a transformative journey into the future of content creation, guided by the one and only digital marketing legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" who has mastered 80,000+ AI Tools in Content Creation and Digital Marketing.

Enrol now to be part of a revolution in brand-building and content marketing!

How the RoboAuthor course is the most innovative AI Writing course on the planet?

The RoboAuthor course is positioned as the foremost innovative AI Writing course due to its groundbreaking features and advantages. Unlike other brand-building courses, RoboAuthor leverages the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize content creation.

Led by Digital Marketing Legend Srinidhi Ranganathan, recognized as the Human AI, the course brings cutting-edge technology to the forefront, enabling participants to stay ahead in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

The RoboAuthor Course

One of the central distinguishing factors is its accessibility and inclusivity, as it does not require any coding or technical expertise, making it open to a wide audience. Moreover, the course goes beyond theoretical knowledge and includes practical, hands-on sessions, providing participants with actionable skills that can be immediately applied in their content marketing efforts.

Additionally, the course constantly updates with the latest tools and techniques, ensuring that participants are equipped with the most recent advancements in content marketing, preparing them for the future of content creation.

Furthermore, the specialized add-on certifications offered, such as Voice-Activated Content Strategy, Quantum Content Engineering, Emotional AI Storytelling, Metaverse Content Strategies, Sentient Branding with AI, and Autonomous Content Decision Making, bolster the course's reputation as the most innovative AI writing course available.

Super-Storm Add-on Certifications and additional Specialized Courses

(Duration 3 Days Per Add-on)

Note: Each add-on is a 3-day intensive workshop, priced at Rs. 15,000/-, providing participants with an opportunity to specialize in cutting-edge technologies beyond the core Brand Dynamo course.

Add-on 1: Voice-Activated Content Strategy (3 Days):

Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Anticipate the future shift towards voice-activated interactions. Explore how AI-generated content can be optimized for voice search and virtual assistants. This certification provides insights into crafting content that seamlessly integrates with voice-activated platforms, ensuring your brand stays ahead in the era of voice-driven interactions.

Add-on 2: Quantum Content Engineering (3 Days):

Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Embark on a journey at the intersection of quantum computing and content engineering. Explore how quantum algorithms can revolutionize content creation and marketing analytics. This cutting-edge add-on certification delves into the future of quantum-powered content strategies, providing a unique advantage in the digital landscape.

Add-on 3: Emotional AI Storytelling (3 Days):

Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Explore the cutting-edge field of Emotional AI to craft narratives that resonate deeply with your audience. Understand how AI algorithms can analyze emotional cues and tailor content to evoke specific emotions. This add-on certification empowers you to create emotionally intelligent and impactful storytelling in the digital age.

Add-on 4: Metaverse Content Strategies (3 Days):

Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Dive into the metaverse revolution and learn how to leverage AI for crafting content in virtual environments. Explore the integration of AI-generated content with augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D experiences. This add-on certification prepares you for the metaverse era, where content exists in immersive digital spaces.

Add-on 5: Sentient Branding with AI (3 Days):

Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Uncover the future of branding with sentient AI. Explore how AI can develop a brand's personality, adapt to user interactions, and evolve. This add-on certification delves into the creation of brands that seem almost alive, engaging users on a deeper and more personalized level.

Add-on 6: Autonomous Content Decision Making (3 Days):

Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Navigate the landscape of AI-driven autonomous decision-making in content creation. Explore how AI algorithms can make real-time decisions on content strategies, adapting to user behaviour and market trends. This ultimate add-on certification provides insights into the next level of content automation, where AI becomes a proactive decision-maker.

Add-on 7: Ethereal Content Projection (3 Days):

Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Step into the future of content projection with ethereal technologies. This certification explores how AI-generated content can be projected into physical spaces using advanced holographic and projection technologies. Gain expertise in creating content that transcends screens and immerses audiences in captivating experiences.

Add-on 8: Nanobot Narratives: Microscopic Storytelling (3 Days):

Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Embark on a journey into the microscopic realm of content creation. This certification focuses on crafting nano-scale narratives using AI. Explore the unique challenges and opportunities of creating content that communicates at the microscopic level, catering to industries such as nanotechnology and medical sciences.

Add-on 9: Time-Warp Content Strategies (3 Days):

Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Explore content marketing strategies that transcend temporal boundaries. This certification delves into creating content that resonates across different eras and periods. Understand how AI can adapt content to suit historical contexts, future predictions, and timeless themes, ensuring a lasting impact.

Add-on 10: Pan-Dimensional Branding (3 Days):

Price: Rs. 15,000/-

Step into the pan-dimensional landscape of fiction-like branding. This certification explores the creation of brands that transcend traditional dimensions and realities. Learn to use AI-generated content to build brands that resonate across multiple dimensions, professionals, niches' and realities, catering to audiences with diverse perceptual experiences.

In Summary:

These avant-garde add-ons propel content marketing into uncharted territories, exploring futuristic concepts that extend beyond conventional boundaries. Enroll in these add-on courses to be at the forefront of the most innovative and visionary aspects of AI-driven content creation.

About the Course Trainer

Srinidhi Ranganathan (The Human AI):

Bearing the extraordinary mantle of Hyperphantasia Super-Powers and a dazzling Visualization Prowess, Srinidhi's cognitive wizardry paints an avant-garde canvas, effortlessly unravelling complexities in the blink of an eye. A bona fide seer, he extends his intellectual brilliance globally, donning the mantle of a strategic consultant for both burgeoning startups and seasoned brands.

Propelled by the omnipotence of AI-driven insights, his consultations shape the fate of marketing landscapes through meticulous strategic blueprints and all-encompassing audits, unlocking the latent potential of every brand.

Revered as the "Digital Marketing Legend" by an ardent following, Srinidhi empowers innumerable startups and enterprises, harnessing the prowess of automation to propel revenues to unprecedented heights. The mastermind behind awe-evoking digital marketing analyses, he injects avant-garde strategic concepts and meticulously devised execution plans, etching an indelible imprint on the very fabric of India's marketing panorama.

Srinidhi Ranganathan - Your Official Trainer for the RoboAuthor Course - The Human AI

Yet, Srinidhi's influence transcends the realms of consultancy. His pedagogical prowess is nothing short of extraordinary, delivering an unmatched educational odyssey—practical, riveting, and permeated with a sense of otherworldly allure. Bear witness to virtual writing and instructional automatons, epitomized by the entrancing "Aera 2.0 Robot," orchestrating gamified learning experiences that catalyze profound behavioural metamorphoses among eager learners.

Gaze upon the ascent of the "Human AI" as he blazes a trail of unparalleled brilliance, casting a luminous path for budding marketers and stalwart industry leaders alike. Take a stride into the future and embrace the legendary aura that is Srinidhi Ranganathan.

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