The Wounded Dog

As Raghav was hiking one day, he heard a strange noise coming from a nearby bush.

The Wounded Dog
Raghav, a young Indian tourist 

Raghav was a young Indian tourist who had a passion for hiking in the Himalayas. He loved the mountains' serene beauty and enjoyed the peaceful solitude they offered. As he was hiking one day, he heard a strange noise coming from a nearby bush. When he went to investigate, he found a severely wounded dog.

The dog's fur was matted with blood, and its limbs were twisted at odd angles. Raghav could see that it was in extreme pain. He knew that he couldn't leave the poor animal to die, so he picked it up and cradled it in his arms. He decided to take the dog with him and find a vet in the nearest town.

The journey was long, and the dog cried out in pain with every movement. But Raghav wouldn't give up. He walked for miles and miles, carrying the dog all the way. Finally, he reached the town, and he found a kind vet who treated the dog's injuries.

As the vet worked on the dog, Raghav sat in the waiting room, his mind racing with thoughts of his parents, his career, and his future. He wondered what fate held in store for him. Suddenly, he heard a clearing of the dog's throat, and he turned to see it was staring at him with a knowing expression.

"Whoa," Raghav said with a start, thinking that he was hallucinating due to exhaustion, but that was not all.

"I know you are surprised," the dog said in a calm, clear voice. "But don't be afraid. I have been sent to tell you something important."

Raghav was in awe. He had never heard an animal talk before. He looked around, searching for someone who had also heard the dog speak, but there was no one.

"I am a messenger," the dog continued. "And I have been sent to deliver a message to you from the Almighty."

Raghav was stunned. It couldn't be real, but the dog's voice was too real and the message too important to ignore.

"The Almighty has seen your good deeds and has decided to bestow upon you a gift," the dog said. "You will be blessed with wealth, health, and happiness for your entire life."

Raghav couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had never been a believer in such things, but the dog's words resonated with him.

"But why me?" Raghav asked.

"Because you showed compassion towards a helpless creature," the dog replied. "That act of kindness was not insignificant in the eyes of the Almighty."

Raghav sat there, speechless. He took in the dog's words, feeling a sense of amazement and disbelief. The dog looked at Raghav and spoke one final time, "Whenever you wonder about your future, remember these words. You are blessed, my friend."

Raghav never told anyone about his encounter with the talking dog. But from that day forward, he knew that his destiny was in his own hands. He started living every day with gratitude, knowing that he had been given a gift that he didn't deserve. He spent his life helping others, spreading happiness and love wherever he went.

Raghav never became rich, but he found great comfort in knowing that he had the wealth of love and companionship. He never suffered from any illness, but even when he felt unwell, he remained positive and strong. And he never stopped feeling grateful for the miracle that entered his life.

Years went by, and when Raghav was a middle-aged old man, he came across the same vet who had treated the wounded dog. The vet, now a very old man - recognized him and asked him about how he was.

Raghav smiled, remembering the message he had received all those years ago from the dog.

"The dog you treated years ago was actually a messenger," he said. "A messenger from the Almighty."

The vet chuckled, thinking Raghav had lost his mind, but Raghav continued,

"And do you know what the message was?"

The vet shook his head, and Raghav smiled, reciting the words he would never forget,

"I am blessed. I am blessed with wealth, health, and happiness for my entire life."

I am blessed